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A Lot Of The Inspiration In My Path, I've Taken From You- Evacheska DeAngelis

A Lot Of The Inspiration In My Path, I've Taken From You- Evacheska DeAngelis

The conclusion to the discussion between my daughter and me on our roles in the psychedelic renaissance.

PART 2- Picking up where we left off, I continue the discussion with my daughter about psychedelic medicine and its place in our lives. This week, Evacheska has the opportunity to ask me more about my own experience and preferences. We talk about MDMA, LSD, Ketamine, Ayahuasca, and how I have used them in my life. Evacheska will be a reoccurring cohost for the show, and I am so excited to share this space with her.

-Part one of this episode available here-

The founder of Temple Sotto Luce, a community project designed to be a gateway to consciousness expansion and a higher state of being through the use of both traditional methods and approaches, and more esoteric tools, Evacheska is a certified Mindfulness and Meditation facilitator, Integrative Coach, Trauma and Somatics Practitioner, certified in Psych-K®, and is currently pursuing a degree in psychology at CUNY, studying yogic philosophy and the power of plant medicines. She has also recently returned from Peru where she studied with the Ayahuasca Foundation.

Evacheska has dedicated her life’s work and energy to creating and holding space for healing and expansion. She leverages her unique background abilities to create distinctive experiences focused on supporting each participant’s internal work. Hear her unique perspective in this week’s new episode and the conclusion to a two-part discussion between father and daughter.


Show notes:

  • Examples of experiences with Ayahuasca & LSD (0:00)

  • Can you function in the normal world under the influence of ayahuasca? (4:15)

  • Why you shouldn’t look in a mirror (7:21)

  • Signs that ayahuasca may not be for you (11:30)

  • Consider the intention behind taking psychedelic medicine (12:15)

  • Possible unpleasant side effects (14:11)

  • If you regurgitate, does your body tell you it’s poison? (15:38)

  • George Bach’s fighting therapy (17:23)

  • Why LSD & MDMA are the best option (19:38)

  • Where exactly is your consciousness seated? (27:33)

  • Why MDMA may not be for you (29:30)

  • Is amphetamine (MDMA) addictive? (33:27)

  • Why ketamine is not a psychedelic and why it may not be for you (35:45)

  • What’s the difference between an entheogen and a psychedelic experience? (39:09)

  • Call to Action For Stories (46:16)

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Links and references:

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The Sage Institute

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