Can Psychedelics Increase Our Creativity? – Creon LevitÉcoutez maintenant (54 min) | Scientist Creon Levit sits down to talk about his ideas on society, psychedelics, and his nutrition.
Sanjay Singhal and the Nikean Foundation Regardez maintenant (69 min) | Revisiting this important interview with Sanjay Singhal on the influence psychedelic medicine has had on his life.
Radical Awakening with the Practical Shaman – Renee BaribeauÉcoutez maintenant (56 min) | Author and spiritual teacher Renee Baribeau shares with us how listening to the winds can change our lives.
A Tell All From Changing Our MindsRegardez maintenant (66 min) | Ketamine Treatment, Depression, Death... everything you need to know from journalist Don Lattin
The Metaphysics of Psychedelics – Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes Écoutez maintenant (51 min) | Philosopher Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes discuses his hope for the future of psychedelic integration, and how an understanding of…
Confessions of a Psychedelic Elder: Dennis McKennaRegardez maintenant (100 min) | An interview with the famed ethnobotanical explorer on his lifetime of curiosity
More Research Needed for PsilocybinRegardez maintenant (66 min) | It is clear that psilocybin holds a great deal of potential in the treatment of depression, what is also clear? More…
Is There Too Much Hype Around Psychedelics? –Don Lattin Écoutez maintenant (66 min) | Esteemed journalist Don Lattin discusses his research into psychedelic medicines and his book "Changing Our Minds"
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