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In Conversation with Evacheska DeAngelis

In Conversation with Evacheska DeAngelis

My daughter and I discuss our roles in the psychedelic renaissance and views on LSD, MDMA, and Ayahuasca


Temple Sotto Luce

The Ayahuasca Foundation

Show Notes:

  • How did Evacheska go from being an executive in the fashion world to an integrative counselor in the psychedelic world? (1:22)

  • What was it like on the trip to Peru? (4:29)

  • It’s difficult for the average person to figure out which places offering psychedelic experiences in Peru, Jamaica, or Costa Rica are real and which ones are trying to make a quick buck. What did you do to ensure that the place you were visiting was righteous? (5:40)

  • Why did Evacheska decide on Ayahuasca as opposed to taking LSD experiences or a series of psilocybin experiences? (10:38)

  • Are the ceremonies and the setting around the psychedelic medicine as important or more important than the medicine itself? (13:08)

  • What’s the difference (approach, cultural, medicinal) between opioid prescriptions in American culture and psychedelic ceremonies? (13:50)

  • Why do I need to go to the Peruvian jungle to have a ceremony? Why can’t I have the same experience in my own neighborhood? (15:40)

  • How does Evacheska use sound to open neural pathways and have a psychedelic journey, even without psychedelics? (17:46)

  • How does a strong dose of psilocybin compare to an Ayahuasca experience? (21:14)

  • What are the downsides of taking Ayahuasca? (24:15)

  • Considering that Roland Griffith’s research showed that a one-time dose of psilocybin still had an effect on depression patients after a year, what’s the advantage of taking Ayahuasca three times a week for an entire month? (25:57)

  • Could you imagine a future where people trained in LSD therapy or psilocybin therapy might prescribe taking those three times a week or a month? (27:37)

  • What happens in an integration session? (29:03)

Mind Body Health & Politics
Mind Body Health & Politics
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