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Sasha Cobra on Reconnecting with Our Natural State of Love and Sexuality

Sasha Cobra on Reconnecting with Our Natural State of Love and Sexuality

World-renowned teacher reveals how energetic lovemaking can heal trauma and transform lives

Dear Friends,

For years, I've observed what I call a "post-traumatic sexual stress disorder" gripping our nation. It's not just about sex – it's about the very fabric of our society. We're a culture living on edge, with 70% of us barely making it paycheck to paycheck. This constant stress, this sword of Damocles hanging over our heads, it's more than economic – it's deeply traumatic, and it seeps into every aspect of our lives, including our sexuality.

Imagine, for a moment, that the very act of making love could heal not just our bodies, but our minds, our spirits, and even our society. It sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it? And yet, after my recent conversation with Sasha Cobra, I find myself pondering this possibility.

Sasha, a world-renowned teacher and healer featured on Netflix, brings a perspective on sexuality that's at once ancient and revolutionary. As we spoke, I was struck by how her words seemed to peel back layers of cultural conditioning, revealing a truth that's been hiding in plain sight: we are, at our core, sexual beings.

"Everything in existence makes love to create," Sasha told me. It's a simple statement, but one that carries profound implications. If creation itself is an act of love, then aren't we, as creators in our own right, constantly engaged in this cosmic dance of sexuality?

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But here's the problem: we've forgotten how to dance.

Sasha's work offers a intriguing antidote to this collective trauma. She speaks of lovemaking not as a mere physical act, but as an energetic exchange capable of clearing "all the trauma, the unprocessed feelings, the negating beliefs, everything that is unlike love in the body."

It's a powerful idea – that by reconnecting with our fundamental nature as sexual, energetic beings, we might heal not just ourselves, but our relationships and our society.

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We've become a culture afraid to feel. We run from discomfort, numb ourselves with distractions, and in doing so, cut ourselves off from the very experiences that could heal us. Sasha's work is a call to return to our bodies, to feel deeply, to engage fully with life and with each other.

The idea of being so open and vulnerable can be frightening. But Sasha reminded of why I've dedicated my life to this work. Because beneath the fear, beneath the trauma and the stress, there's a fundamental truth: we are beings capable of profound love, connection, and healing.

For those intrigued by these ideas, Sasha offers an online membership program called Enrg Tune, focused on healing and transformation through energetic practices. It's an opportunity to explore this realm of conscious sexuality in a guided, supportive environment.

As always, I encourage you to approach these concepts with both an open mind and a critical eye. The intersection of sexuality, energy, and healing is complex and deeply personal.

What resonates for one may not for another, and that's perfectly okay.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Watch and comment on the video:

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How do you see the role of energy and conscious sexuality in your own life? In our society? Are we ready, do you think, to reclaim this fundamental aspect of our nature?

Golden light,

Dr. Richard Louis Miller

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  1. Enrg Tune - Sasha’s online membership program for healing, growth and transformation.

  2. Seed of Transformation - 3 day intensive in Tulum, Mexico, exploring the way we relate to ourselves, to others and to sexual energy.

  3. Getting Intimate - a free video series - 20+ hours of intimate conversations that bring awareness, understanding and compassion to life's struggles and challenges.

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