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Everything You Want to Know About Magic Mushrooms – Jahan Khamsehzadeh

Everything You Want to Know About Magic Mushrooms – Jahan Khamsehzadeh

Jahan Khamsehzadeh, Ph.D. joins the show to discuss facing our fears and healing with Psilocybin.

In this highly informative episode our guest, Jahan Khamsehzadeh, gives us the nitty gritty on the ingestion and use of Psilocybin (often referred to as the “magic mushroom”.) Jahan lays out his research in a way that is not only understandable but comprehensive. Our topics include: how the medicine affects consciousness, proper dosing and safety, frequency of experience, potential negative effects, who should not take the medicine, anxiety regarding end-of-life transitioning, effects on sexuality, and so much more. This is a must-listen for all those interested in this topic.

“The point of psychedelic experiences is to have a good life.”

Jahan Khamsehzadeh, Ph.D. completed his dissertation on psychedelics at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco. His book, “The Psilocybin Connection: Psychedelics, the Transformation of Consciousness, and Evolution of the Planet—An Integral Approach” was published by North Atlantic Books and distributed Spring 2022 by Penguin Random House. The Audible version became the #1 new audiobook on mushrooms on Amazon.

He earned his Masters in Consciousness and Transformative Studies from John F. Kennedy University, and his Bachelors from the University of Arizona with a major in Philosophy and minors in Physics, Psychology, and Mathematics. Aside from academic work, he has undergone several major trainings, including graduating from the Hakomi somatic-psychotherapy program and training within the Mazatec mushroom tradition. He assisted the Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy Certificate training at CIIS for two years and mentored at the newly emerging School of Consciousness Medicine. He is a consultant for the Synthesis Psychedelic Guide training and a teacher for the PsiloHealth psychedelic peer supporter training. He works as a facilitator for legal psilocybin mushrooms ceremonies in Jamaica with Atman Retreats and offers integration sessions as part of his private practice. Jahan has been on dozens of podcasts talking about different cross section on psychedelics—from therapy and history to sexuality and development. To learn more about his practice, please visit www.PsychedelicEvolution.org.

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Show notes:

  • Why study Psilocybin?

  • Near the end of life anxiety and psilocybin

  • Creating an interconnected brain state

  • Easing the fear of death

  • Death is the greatest day of your life

  • LSD VS. Psilocybin

  • Establishing different doses with Psilocybins

  • Good old fear again- why a guide is important

  • The intersection of sex and psychedelics

  • The negative side effects of psilocybin

  • How often can one safely take psilocybin?

  • Heart conditions and psychedelics

  • If I died tomorrow, could I die with peace?

  • Jahan Khamsehzadeh – A universe of five brothers

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