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Why we need MDMA for First RespondersWatch now (60 min) | Police Officer Sarko Gergerian joins us to discuss the challenges first responders face with PTSD and the treatment options he is…
We need a new way to treat mental illness. Watch now (58 min) | Is homeopathy part of the answer? Jerry Kantor offers some alternative approaches to modern psychiatry
Psychedelic Healing in the HamptonsWatch now (63 min) | Double board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Lea Lis on her Ketamine clinic
The Past & Present of Psychedelic SpiritualityWatch now (63 min) | Moving Beyond the 'Master Narrative' of Psychedelics in America, with Dr. J. Christian Greer
Dr. Rick Strassman: A Visionary in Psychedelic MedicineWatch now (106 min) | The best-selling author and clinical research psychiatrist summarizes his latest book *The Psychedelic Handbook* and the lessons…
The Cowboy PsychotherapistWatch now (54 min) | Tommy Pool's brave stand against the stigma of psychedelics in West Texas
Healing from the Mind-Virus, "Wetiko"Watch now (61 min) | Paul Levy's incredible journey of Awakening in the Dream
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