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Beyond the Trip: The Power of Group Therapy in Psychedelic Research – Brian Anderson

Beyond the Trip: The Power of Group Therapy in Psychedelic Research – Brian Anderson

Insights from Brian Anderson's Clinical Trial For The Efficacy of Group Therapy Following Psychedelic Treatment

We take another deep dive into the world of psychedelic research with our guest, Brian Anderson, this week. Is there a place for group therapy with psychedelic medicine and treatment? Brian just concluded a clinical trial to study just that. Working with HIV/AIDS survivors, Brian and his team focused on the efficacy of group therapy following psychedelic treatment. The outcome was generally positive, not just for the trial participants but also for Brian and his fellow researchers, who have a renewed curiosity and optimism about what we can offer those seeking help from past trauma. The burning question on everyone's mind: will the government allow psychedelic research and trials to continue? Tune in to find out!

“I'm certainly more optimistic about how we can find ways to make psychedelic healing fit into conventional settings and do that in respectful and safe ways.”

Brian Anderson, MD MSc, is a psychiatrist and assistant clinical professor in the UCSF Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. He is affiliated with the UC Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics and UCSF Neuroscape. In 2018 he led a pilot clinical trial of psilocybin-assisted group therapy for demoralized long-term AIDS survivors. His research includes clinical trials as well as observational methods to assess the safety, clinical implementation, and regulation of the uses of psychedelics and other controlled substances.

Show notes:

  • How Brian Anderson got involved with Psychedelic research

  • Why research focuses on Psilocybin rather than LSD

  • Is psychedelic group therapy in the near future?

  • Brian’s study with HIV/AIDS survivors

  • The impact dosage and preparatory work has on trail participants

  • Some unwanted consequences to psilocybin treatments

  • The headline of his trail

  • Will the government allow psychedelic research and trails to continue?

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