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We are all singing with you -Tommy Pool

We are all singing with you -Tommy Pool

"I never talked about what I've done, and then here I am talking to you about it"

Almost every person interviewed on this show has talked about one thing; the overwhelming sense of unity they feel after using psychedelic medicines. Our guest- Tommy Pool- is no different. Looking back on his first trip with LSD, he remembers the closeness he felt with the friends around him. Now, many years later, he believes he is much more open, insightful, creative, and grounded because of psychedelics. Having used (and sometimes misused) these drugs as a teen “sub rosa,” and in light of new legislation in states like Colorado and increased national support, Tommy feels it is time to speak openly about the lasting benefits found with psychedelic medicines.

“ To take that risk and be willing to see things in a different way... [It’s] Love. And as far as I can see, everything that you've talked about, it's love.

Tommy came to us as a listener of this program. He heard our call for stories and felt compelled to share his. He is a psychotherapist and addiction specialist with approximately 30 years in the field working to heal others, and credits his early drug use for his career path and life purpose. While he knows there is a risk to speaking out about alternative medicines and psychedelic-assisted therapy- especially in his home state of Texas- Tommy feels this is the next chapter of his life. By sharing his story, openly joining the psychedelic community, and learning from other pioneers in the field, Tommy hopes to bring new awareness to the vast benefits he has experienced firsthand. We hope listening to his journey will inspire others to speak out and share their experiences as well. Every story of healing strengthens the bond we share and is a welcome addition to the psychedelic renaissance we now find ourselves in.

Show notes:

  • Tommy’s first experience with psychedelics (9:16)

  • What happened if he got caught with drugs growing up in Texas (16:24)

  • Tommy Pool’s purpose in life- to heal others (18:37)

  • The use of psychedelic medicines as part of the healing process (22:13)

  • After a 10 year hiatus, Tommy experimented with psychedelics again (33:29)

  • What happened to change Tommy’s attitude toward these substances (35:21)

  • The sense of unity that comes from psychedelic experiences (38:01)

  • The research supporting psychedelic medicine is growing (41:37)

  • Do people in Texas believe in Organic Food? (44:05)

  • Living in Texas, Tommy attributes the use of psychedelics to his open mindedness (50:58)

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