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Through the end of life – Siobhan Greene

Through the end of life – Siobhan Greene

Siobhan Green, President of Hospice Giving Foundation, joins us to go through the difficult conversations we all need to be having

Conversations about the end of life are hard and often uncomfortable – but needed. Have you talked with your loved ones about the topic; Where you would like to be? Who should be taking care of you? These are all questions our guest, Siobhan Greene, advocates for in her work. While death and dying is uncomfortable, it is a natural process that we all go through in life. It is Siobhan’s hope that if we talk about it, we may be better equipped, as a society, to have a deepened understanding of it.

“These are the topics that are incredibly relevant to all of us yet difficult sometimes to lean into and to understand”

Siobhan Greene, began serving as President/CEO for Hospice Giving Foundation in August 2013. She specializes in nonprofit executive and financial management, board governance, marketing, and fundraising. Dedicated to the movement to improve quality care at end of life, Siobhan is an active member of the Serious Illness Funders Collaborative, a national collective examining the system of end-of-life care, and she facilitates local professional collaboratives addressing needs in Monterey County. Her past professional experience includes working with children, mental health services, and at-risk community groups. Before joining HG Foundation, Siobhan was Executive Director of CASA of Monterey County for 11 years and currently serves on CASA’s Board of Directors. Siobhan began her career working in in-patient psychiatric services in the Bay Area prior to moving the Monterey Peninsula. Siobhan was President of the Rotary Club of Carmel-by-the-Sea (2016) and is past-commissioner for Monterey County’s Juvenile Justice Commission having been chair in 2012. Siobhan served on California CASA Board of Directors focusing on statewide system improvement for children in foster care; is past-chair of and continues to be active with the Monterey Bay Association of Fundraising Professionals; and has served on AFP’s National Philanthropy Day local organizing committee for over 10 years.

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Show notes:

  • Hospice and encouraging community

  • When does the end of life process begin?

  • A conversation through the end of life

  • The Hospice Giving Foundation

  • Palliative Care vs. Hospice Care

  • Talking about end of life

  • Treating people as a whole person

  • Conversations with your family

  • Is there a place for psychedelics in end of life?

  • An act of love to let somebody care for you during your final days

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