Feb 22, 2022 • 1HR 0M

Sex Cult Nun - Faith Jones

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Richard L. Miller
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On this week's episode we talk with the wonderful Faith Jones, a summa cum laude graduate from Georgetown and who was raised in the "Children of God" cult, about her book "Sex Cult Nun".

Faith was raised in and escaped from the infamous cult, the Children of God. It was founded by her paternal grandfather. The group was notorious for its radical practices, which required members to become full-time missionaries, forgo income and formal education, and submit to the “Law of Love,” a doctrine which encouraged spouse sharing and (for a time) sexual relations with children, and used female disciples as sex “bait” to gain followers and supporters.

"I was able to emancipate myself at 23 and, through self-taught study, was later accepted into Berkeley Law school. I give an intimate description of life inside a secretive cult, and most importantly, the framework of how to set oneself free of mental and spiritual manipulation in hopes of helping others stand up for themselves.” Faith says.

"Both inspiring and disturbing, Sex Cult Nun unravels Jones’ complicated upbringing,
the trauma she endured as a result and her path to liberation" - TIME Magazine