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Heal the man- Jonathan Connors

Heal the man- Jonathan Connors

Jon Connors joins us to talk about his psychedelic healing journey and new initiative to heal others struggling with PTSD

Did you know, if a government official takes a psychedelic treatment for PTSD, they lose their security clearance? After finding success with psychedelics for the treatment of his own PTSD, that government restriction is exactly what our guest, Jon Connors, hopes to lift. I sat down with Jon to hear about his personal experiences and what has inspired him to take action on a national level. This episode covers some heavy topics such as suicidal tendencies, depression, and isolation; but ends on a positive note with the healing psychedelic therapy can offer- and how to get involved so the people who need it most can access the help they deserve.

“I do remember enjoying the creativity of the experience and then unlocked aspects of myself that, I think, I carry through much of my life”

Jon Connors has embarked on his healing of Complex PTSD via psychedelic medicine since 2017. His experiences have inspired him to help others heal as well. He is the founder of Heal Government Insiders, a nonprofit initiative to amend United States National Security rules to allow insiders to heal their PTSD with psychedelics and retain their Security Clearance. He is a passionate activist for both restoring psyches and restoring the planet through regenerative agriculture. For the latter, Jon is also the founder of Blockchain for Ecology and loves using art to fundraise for social impact initiatives.


Show notes:

*Trigger warning- recollections of suicidal behaviors*
  • A sailor, ecoactivist, and person undergoing psychedelic treatment- Introducing Jon Connors (9:32)

  • The difference between Californians and Bostonians (13:13)

  • Jon’s first experience with psychedelics at age 14 (14:20)

  • An anecdote about Saudi Arabia and measurement (15:25)

  • Why he never took these medicines again for decades (19:53)

  • Entering into a psychotherapeutic endeavor (23:27)

  • A bus accident memory turns out to be a repressed suicide attempt (28:46)

  • His personal experience with Complex PTSD has inspired him to help others (31:35)

  • The most powerful medication for depression is aerobic exercise (35:00)

  • Isolation and COVID- we all are struggling (40:26)

  • Martin Polanco and Ibogaine treatments (42:12)

  • Heal Government Insiders- social initiative (43:55)

  • The “demon rum” aka alcohol and alcoholism (45:33)

  • “I don't want to go against the man. I want to heal the man” (49:05)

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