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Are Psychedelics a Skill?

Are Psychedelics a Skill?

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My guest this week is founder of the Third Wave, Paul F. Austin. Paul struggled with anxiety and depression for years before he discovered microdosing.

Yes, microdosing. With psychedelics.

Stay with me, because this could help you or someone you know.

New research shows that microdoses of psychedelics turn off the “ruminating” brain areas – giving the user the neurological space to make new choices, think new thoughts, and create new habits.

But there’s a catch... As I've talked about for years on my program, you can’t just pop a pill and expect it to change your life.

It is vital to use microdosing in an intentional, structured way so you build new neural pathways rather than fall back into old patterns.

Third Wave offers a course that explains the right way to microdose – step-by-step – with an emphasis on using psilocybin safely to treat depression and anxiety. Paul is offering listeners to this program a 15% discount on the course. Use the code "MINDBODY15" at the checkout if you are interested in learning how to maximize the benefits of microdosing for healing, or simply for creativity and life change.

This Tuesday, Paul and I will discuss his personal experience with psychedelic medicines, and the importance of using them in conjunction with other mindbody enhancing modalities, such as meditation, exercise and diet.

Click the link below to learn more about the course, and tune in LIVE, Tuesday at 9am PACIFIC.


Mind Body Health & Politics
Mind Body Health & Politics
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