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Imagine the Future We Want – Sandy Turner

Imagine the Future We Want – Sandy Turner

Sandy Turner joins us to discuss what Transition Towns are and how you can get involved in building a better community

Can you imagine your way to a better future? That is exactly what our guest, Sandy Turner, is hoping to achieve through his participation in Transition Towns. These areas are transitioning away from individualistic private property, huge corporations, and extreme inequality, and transitioning towards cooperation, regenerative systems, social and environmental justice, and community creativity. As this concept expands, we hope that together we can create stronger communities and a better society for all, because after all – good health is worth fighting for and is essential for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

“Being a friendly neighbor... that's what attracts me to Transition Towns.”

Sandy Turner has lived in Northern California for 50 years and most of that has been in Mendocino County. In 2011, he helped start a Transition Town in Ukiah that was called Transition Ukiah Valley. He was one of 7 people on the steering committee for the project. Transition Ukiah Valley also had 6 or 8 groups of people focused on a variety of topics who put on films, potlucks, community bike rides, Skill Shares, and Free Markets collaborating with the Mendo Free Skool and the Mendocino Environmental Center. Since then, Sandy moved to the Mendocino Coast and has helped start a Transition Mendo Coast group (TMC). This group has held a Farm Helping Day and popular game nights for the community. TMC has also planted fruit trees at a local emergency preparedness HUB.

Show notes:

  • What is a Transition Town?

  • How Transition Towns get started

  • How people can join the movement

  • Building a community

  • What if…

  • Use imagination, creativity, and play to help build the future

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