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Radical Awakening with the Practical Shaman – Renee Baribeau

Radical Awakening with the Practical Shaman – Renee Baribeau

Author and spiritual teacher Renee Baribeau shares with us how listening to the winds can change our lives.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who has such a positive outlook that it feels contagious? Renee Baribeau, known professionally as “The Practical Shaman,” really has a marvelous attitude toward life. She focuses on the here and now and being present in your life and your struggles- something she calls radical awakening. In discussing her book, Winds of Spirit, we learn how to better read the signs nature is giving youto make a plan but be open to spontaneity, and to go through life with no regrets.

“ I'm the practical shaman, I want people to eat up the plate of food from this life.”

Renee Baribeau, the Practical Shaman, is an author, Wind Whistler, inspirational mentor, respected business coach, dynamic spiritual teacher, and keynote speaker. Renee is well known for her no-nonsense, “tell it like it is” approach in her Shamanic Apprenticeship Program. Her Nautilus Gold, Award-winning Hay House book, Winds of Spirit: Ancient Wisdom Tools for Navigating Relationships, Health, and the Divine helps others to achieve successful lifestyle practices by aligning to their sacred Magnetic North. Renee holds an executive marketing leadership position within the behavioral health industry.

Show notes:

  • Renee’s first dismemberment experience

  • Her early experiences with plant medicine and alcoholism

  • Being radically awake and totally present

  • The relationship between being radically awake and planning for the future

  • Shamanistic practices with people who are terminally ill

  • What is Karma?

  • Clearing up ancestral hurt

  • The Winds of Spirit

  • The different kinds of winds

  • Exercises that we can use to be better attuned to what the winds might be telling us

  • Other ways to call the winds

  • What the geographic winds mean in our lives

  • How can people prepare when they're coming to the end of a season of life?

  • “If you're going to eat a bowl of ice cream, eat it with a lot of love”

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