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Why You Should Get Involved with Transition Towns

Sandy Turner joined us to talk about a community program where they work to build stronger communities and a better future for all.

Dear friends and neighbors,

Transition towns is the name of a program which brings people together to create community and establish resilience so that better connections are made amongst people, facilitating cooperation and collaboration- a mission near and dear to me.

Please watch, read, or listen to the interview, and let me know what you think in the comments.

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Imagine the Future We Want – Sandy Turner
Listen now (34 min) | Can you imagine your way to a better future? That is exactly what our guest, Sandy Turner, is hoping to achieve through his participation in Transition Towns. These areas are transitioning away from individualistic private property, huge corporations, and extreme inequality, and transitioning towards cooperation, regenerative systems, social and environ…
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Wishing you Golden Light,

Dr. Richard Louis Miller

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Dr. Richard Louis Miller: The following program, Mind Body Health & Politics, is brought to you by our Mind Body Health & Politics team, which brings you these internet broadcasts every week, as well as occasional lectures and a series of books. The first book we produced was called Psychedelic Medicine. Our second book, which just came out this week, is called Psychedelic Wisdom. Psychedelic Wisdom contains 1,500 years of stories of tribal elders, who are outing themselves and talking about their decades of sub rosa self-experimentation with psychedelics. You'll want to have a look at this book and check out our website, Mind Body Health & Politics. 

Now, welcome to Mind Body Health & Politics. I'm your host, Dr. Richard Louis Miller. The mission of Mind Body Health & Politics is to enhance your physical and psychological wellbeing and encourage community. What I mean when I say “encourage community” is that I believe that human beings are friendly tribal animals, who like to hang out and associate together. When we know one another by face, or possibly by name, we are collaborative and cooperative. 

However, we must also be mindful that a very small percentage of we humans are predatory, avaricious, greedy, and dangerous animals, and we must always be aware and on guard to protect our democracy and our republic from these dangerous predators. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

Today, we have Sandy Turner with us, who's going to be talking about a very important movement called transition towns. Welcome to Mind Body Health & Politics, Sandy.

Sandy Turner: Thank you, Richard.

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