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Dismantling the Psychological Warfare of the War on Drugs

Jon Connors shares his mission to "heal government insiders" by giving the freedom to take psychedelic medicines

From the CIA’s secretive MK-Ultra program – which gave high doses of LSD to many Americans without their consent – to the ongoing War on Drugs, the United States government can be said to be engaged in a kind of psychological warfare against peaceful citizens of this country.

Many of us, including my guest this week – Jon Connors – have decided to come forward and share our transformative experiences with psychedelic medicines in the hopes of dismantling the fear surrounding these substances that is such a large part of the War on Drugs, which in fact, is a War on People. However, a majority of people feel that they cannot speak openly about their healing stories, or pursue healing experiences with psychedelics because of their illegality. In particular, government employees who handle any kind of classified information are threatened with the loss of their security clearance and their economic livelihoods if they admit to sub rosa experimentation with illegal substances of any kind.

Jon hopes to remove the stigma and the legal repercussions for this class of individuals, who are often in the greatest need of these medicines due to frequent traumas experienced in the line of their work duties. From military and former military personnel to FBI agents, those currently tasked with enforcing the failed War on Drugs domestically and across the globe stand to benefit immensely from the healing powers of psychedelics.

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Heal the man- Jonathan Connors
Listen now (46 min) | Did you know, if a government official takes a psychedelic treatment for PTSD, they lose their security clearance? After finding success with psychedelics for the treatment of his own PTSD, that government restriction is exactly what our guest, Jon Connors, hopes to lift. I sat down with Jon to hear about his personal experiences and what has inspired h…
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