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An LSD trip radically changed her direction at age 16 – before it was illegal.

Psychedelic Elder Mariavittoria Mangini reflects on Elderhood, the "4th element", the Eleusinian mysteries, and how to talk to your kids about psychedelics

In 1966, on the eve of her 16th birthday, Mariavittoria Mangini, Ph.D., FNP, had her first psychedelic experience:

“Much of my adult life since then has been kind of a footnote to that experience, because it really changed my direction and made a profoundly lasting impression on me.”

While her parents may have hoped that she would go one direction, Mariavittoria forged her own path – taking her, like me, to San Francisco and Mendocino at different points in her life. It’s hard to imagine that her parents would feel any regrets about the way her life has turned out.

I recently spoke with Mariavittoria, one of the tribal elders featured in my forthcoming book, Psychedelic Wisdom, for a second time about some important topics that have been on my mind – from American politics, to what it means to take the torch as a “tribal elder” in a global village that has lost its way.

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