Solving Homelessness: Architect Charles Durrett’s Plan

I am excited to welcome internationally known architect Charles Durrett as our guest.

Charles Durrett, with his former wife, Kathryn McCamant coined the word Cohousing and brought the concept of these planned communities to the United States in the Eighties. Durrett has designed over 60 cohousing communities in the US and Canada. One of his recent projects is Valley View Affordable Housing in American Canyon, California.

This important project pulled many homeless Veterans off the street and gave them more than a shelter…it gave them a community and established a core place for them to rebuild their lives. This community of very small homes borrowed on the legacy of cohousing communities with central community spaces and core shared living areas in a way that drives social change and invites new thinking about a troubling social problem.

Durrett’s new book is about Valley View Affordable Housing and provides solutions that others may use to help solve homelessness on a community level. Join us to learn about a very positive approach to solving homelessness one neighborhood at a time.

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