2022 Archive

We’ve Found the Holy Grail… of Blotter Art – Kevin Barron
It is always fascinating to hear an artist’s tale. This one is no different. Our guest, Kevin Barron, is one Read more.
Journey to LSD – Eugene Schoenfeld MD, PhD
Conversations with old friends warm the soul. This week my heart is full as I found myself catching up with Read more.
It’s All One Big *US* – Erika Dyck
In this week’s episode, we bring you a thought-provoking discussion on the Psychedelic Renaissance. Our guest, historian and professor Erika Read more.
Stress and the Mind-Body Connection with Dr. Gabor Maté
As a society, Americans are stressed out. Currently, we are facing perhaps the greatest uncertainty and stressors of our lifetime. Read more.
Total Eclipse Of The Heart – Dr. Christopher Davis
Did you know that a staggering 80 percent of the U.S. population has either low or moderate cardiovascular health? That Read more.
Do You Have An Endogenous Cannabinoid System Deficiency?
This week I am pleased to welcome Dr. William Courtney back to the program along with his wife Kristen Courtney Read more.
Paul Gootenberg – Do you know the history of Cocaine?
Paul is a professor of history and sociology at Stony Brook University (New York). Originally trained as an interdisciplinary Latin Read more.
Cannabis Juice? Why you need weed in your diet
This week I am pleased to welcome Dr. William Courtney to the program, joining us from the middle of the Read more.
Rhythm and Sound; How Music can Heal – Gary Muszysnki
Gary Muszynski is a percussionist, composer, bandleader, and leadership coach who creates original music that combines jazz, world, and classical Read more.
Healing Stories: Connecting To Your Inner Wisdom – with Heather A. Lee
With training from the Harvard Mind/Body Medical Institute and over 25 years of clinical mental health and mind/body expertise, Heather Read more.