2017 Archive

Petra Schulte on Blue Zones
Petra Schulte is a nutrition educator who teaches healthy weight management, cancer prevention, reversing heart disease, and diabetes classes. Today's broadcast addresses Blue Zones--places in the world with the longest longevity--and how easy changes to your lifestyle can improve your longevity and quality of life.
Medical Advancements in Male Sexuality
Host Dr. Richard Louis Miller interviews Harvard Urologist and best selling author, Dr Abraham Morgentaler. Topics will include recent medical advances in penile enhancement (neo vascularization) utilizing acoustic wave shock treatment and platelet enriched plasma, as well as benefits and methods of administration of testosterone.
Michael Seeklander
Host Dr. Richard Louis Miller interviews Mike Seeklander, author, International Firearms Competitor, National Firearms Safety Instructor, co-host of The Best Defense, the Outdoor channel’s leading firearm instructional show, and US Air Marshall.
The Medicinal Properties of Psilocybin
Host Dr. Richard Louis Miller interviews University of Wisconsin scientist, Dr Nicholas Cozzi, regarding his most recent investigation into the medicinal properties of psilocybin, a psychedelic tryptamine that has shown promise in recent clinical trials for the treatment of depression and substance use disorders.
Male Sexuality
Host Dr. Richard Louis Miller interviews Dr Abraham Morgentaler. Associate Clinical Professor of Urology, Harvard University, on the subject of male sexuality with special focus on testosterone, viagra and the prostate.
Peter Wells: Living Harmoniously
Host Dr. Richard Louis Miller interviews Peter Wells about his new concept, Living Harmoniously. Peter, father of 7, is an author, playwright, actor, musician, film producer, and owner of the Albion River Inn. The Albion River Inn has been featured in Wine Spectator, Coastal Living, Zagat, Entrepreneur, Departures, and Sunset magazines.
Dr David Nicol: Subtle Activism
Host Dr. Richard Louis Miller interviews David Nicol on his recent book, Subtle Activism: The Inner Dimension of Social and Planetary Transformation. David T. Nicol, PhD is the Founder and Executive Director of the Gaiafield Project and Institute for Subtle Activism. He is also co-founder of BeThePeace, one of the world’s largest global meditation events that occurs annually on the International Day of Peace (September 21).
Combating Childhood Obesity
Host Dr. Richard Louis Miller interviews Neil Davis and Tarney Sheldon of The Healthy Mendocino Project’s “Family Wellness and Childhood Obesity Prevention” Action Team​ about what Mendocino County is doing to turn the epidemic of childhood obesity.​
The Big Pharma Lie: Antidepressants
Host Dr. Richard Louis Miller interviews Dr Irving Kirsch on his ground breaking book, The Emperor's New Drugs. This book demonstrates that what everyone "knew" about antidepressants was wrong and what the medical community considered a cornerstone of psychiatric treatment is little more than a faulty consensus.
Mendocino International Film Festival
Host Dr. Richard Louis Miller interviews the directors of two multi-award winning films which will be shown at the Mendocino International Film Festival on June 3rd, 2017: God Knows Where I Am, directed by Jedd and Todd Wider and I Am Not Your Negro, directed by Raul Peck (interview with Hebert Peck).