Polyamory and Open Relationships with Sumati Sparks

Sumati has been a personal and spiritual growth junkie her entire life. Her training includes having attended over 40 workshops with the Human Awareness Institute, also known as HAI, is a trained Zegg Forum Facilitator and part of the Network for a New Culture, has studied Non-Violent Communication (or NVC) with Marshall Rosenberg, has been practicing 12-step work in the areas of relationship and addiction since 1985, is a trained PSYCH-K Facilitator (a process used to remove limiting beliefs), has a Yoga & Meditation teacher certification through the Sivananda school, and has studied sacred sexuality with Evalena Rose, Baba Dez and other prominent teachers.

Sumati Sparks’ first name was given to her by the great living saint, Amma (Mata Amritananda Mayi). Sumati means pure essence. She is a relationship coach with a life PhD! Since 2000, she has been coaching people in the areas of relationship and sexuality and now specializes in helping people create successful open relationships.

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