Mind Body Health & Politics Radio Broadcast

“The mission of Mind Body Health & Politics is to expand consciousness, stimulate thought, enhance mental and physical health and encourage community.” — Dr. Richard Miller

Dr. Richard Louis Miller is an American Clinical Psychologist, Founder of Wilbur Hot Springs Health Sanctuary, and broadcaster who hosts the Mind Body Health & Politics talk radio program from Mendocino County, California. Dr. Miller was also Founder and chief clinician of the nationally acclaimed, pioneering, Cokenders Alcohol and Drug Program, and the Covid Response Network, a model, community-based, non-profit organization sparing injury and saving lives on California’s north coast.

The Mind Body Health & Politics radio broadcast is known for its wide ranging discussions on political issues and health. The program’s format includes guest interviews with prominent national authorities, scientists, best-selling authors, and listener call-ins. The programs offer a forum and soundboard for listeners to interact with the show and its guests.

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We invite you to listen to the latest broadcasts below or visit our many archived programs. We’d love to hear from you on political and health issues.

Latest Broadcasts

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Katherine Rowland: The Pleasure Gap
Public health researcher and journalist Katherine Rowland spent five years talking with 120 women about sexuality and desire. The result, Read more.
Radio Free Earth Interview
This week I invite my listeners to tune in to my recent interview on Radio Free Earth, covering a range Read more.
Stella Resnick on Keeping the Sensuality
In this week’s program, I continue my series on Sexual Medicine in a conversation with Dr. Stella Resnick – Clinical Read more.
Sex Trafficking in Mendocino County, California
In this week’s program, I speak with Sheryn Hildebrand about the serious problem of child sex trafficking in Mendocino County. Read more.
Dean Del Giuduce
Listen to “Dean Del Giuduce on Mind, Body, Health, and Politics” on Spreaker. Read more.