Larissa MacFarquhar on Radical Altruism and *Strangers Drowning*

Host Dr. Richard Louis Miller interviews renowned New Yorker journalist Larissa MacFarquhar, whose new book, Strangers Drowning reveals the individuals who devote themselves fully to bettering the lives of strangers, even when it comes at great personal cost.

Larissa MacFarquhar has been a staff writer at The New Yorker since 1998. Her profile subjects have included John Ashbery, Barack Obama, Noam Chomsky, Hilary Mantel, Derek Parfit, David Chang, and Aaron Swartz, among many others.
There are those of us who help and those who live to help. In *Strangers Drowning*, Larissa MacFarquhar digs deep into the psychological roots and existential dilemmas motivating those rare individuals practicing lives of extreme ethical commitment.