Journey to LSD – Eugene Schoenfeld MD, PhD

Conversations with old friends warm the soul. This week my heart is full as I found myself catching up with my dear friend Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld and reminiscing about his “firsts” with mind-altering substances. We go back 57 years to hear about his experiences and journey with these substances, and how they changed the course of his life.

Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld is a psychiatrist, author, lecturer, and popular underground newspaper columnist. He got his medical degree at the University of Miami School of Medicine, interned at Herrick Memorial Hospital (Berkeley, CA), and got his Master of Public Health from Yale University. While he has made a name for himself in the field of Psychology, you might know him better as “Dr. Hip”. Dr. Eugene Schoenfeld wrote the popular underground column “Ask Dr. Hip” where people could submit their questions about sexuality and drugs. The anti-censorship philosophy that inspired the awakening of an underground press in the 1960s allowed Schoenfeld the freedom to answer those forbidden questions. He quickly became a popular source of reliable, common-sense information. Schoenfeld published his column from 1967 to 1973 and again from 1978 to 1979 in the underground, as well as in various mainstream newspapers including the Chicago Sun Times, Tampa Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and the San Francisco Examiner.

Schoenfeld was a pioneering radio personality on Bay Area stations in the 1970s, and subsequent talk show doctors credit him for being a trailblazer. I, myself, was deeply inspired by Eugene’s work. He is quite famous, and quite well liked, in the Bay Area for bringing medical science to popular newspapers.

A true pioneer in advocating for the benefits of mind-altering medicine, Dr. Schoenfeld (AKA Dr. Hip) gets personal about his experiences with LSD and how his life has been enhanced in this week’s new episode.

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