Healing Stories: Connecting To Your Inner Wisdom – with Heather A. Lee

With training from the Harvard Mind/Body Medical Institute and over 25 years of clinical mental health and mind/body expertise, Heather Lee is truly passionate about guiding people into connection with their inner wisdom to promote health, healing, and hopefulness. In addition to being certified in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and skilled as a behavior change specialist, she is the past Director of Wellness Education at The University of Virginia Medical Center, is on the advisory board of Silo Wellness, and runs her company Medicine Women Retreats.

As a psychedelic psychotherapist, speaker, consultant, and transformational travel facilitator, Heather has dedicated her career to helping people learn how to skillfully navigate stress, anxiety, challenging life transitions, and relationships. One of Heather’s many areas of expertise is woman’s health, and her Medicine Woman Retreats are the first psilocybin retreats designed exclusively for women; offering exclusive nature immersion and plant medicine experiences around the world. Other signature topics are psychedelics for self-care, psilocybin for eco-anxiety, and psilocybin in cancer care- something she has first-hand experience with.

In the same week, Heather received her certification as a psychedelic-assisted psychotherapist, received a diagnosis of breast cancer, and received a call from Silo Wellness to help develop cancer and end of life retreats. In Heather’s own words, “sometimes the alignment and synchronicity of everything shines so bright.” As if the universe came together, she sees her cancer as an opportunity to deepen her connection with the use of psilocybin for navigating disease. Heather uses her experience as a psychotherapist as well as her journey to cultivate calm and consciousness for one’s cancer journey.

Our first featured guest in the series “Healing Stories of Psychedelics”, Heather A. Lee is both a healer and finding healing.

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