Here are some kind words from listeners and friends.

“Thanks for your show on prostate cancer. It was very informative and enjoyable. A very important topic. I like your interview style, it is right to the point.

– Bob Young, KNYO

My husband and I are in our 60’s; we visited Wilbur three years ago for the first time, and we have been going back ever since. Your are a very special man for giving your time, energy and money as Wilbur Hot-springs caretaker. Periodically, I listen online to “Mind, Body, Health & Politics” . . . You are a gift to the world.
– Joan B.

“Dr. Miller,

My husband and I got sober around the same time. We came up to Wilbur with a bunch of other alcoholics and drug addicts on a “field trip” with our AA group.

These were the days of the kerosene lanterns, hot summer nights, wonderful peace filled group room. We have been clean and sober ever since – 23 years.

We are regular customers at Wilbur, it holds a special place in our minds and heart.

I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for addicts, alcoholics, the stressed out, and lost. You really have made a difference in the lives of many, many, people.

Thank you so much for Wilbur!!!!”

All my best,

K. Yates


“It was truly enjoyable speaking with you today; I actually “feel relieved” that I finally” shared with you — “that what and how you and Larry taught me — about my self-process with myself, and with others — during my time, training and practice at the California Street, San Francisco Gestalt Institute (of Multiple-Psychotherapy) … saved my life from January 1978 through June 1978, while I was alone, in Somerville/Cambridge/ Boston, Massachusetts, and in “unknown, ever growing, deepening, entire body encompassing pain.”

It is true, beyond a doubt.

Dr D. Manders

“…it was thrilling to have the opportunity to express to the Greys my appreciation for what they do for the rest of us. We also had the opportunity to interact with Dr. Richard Miller on many occasions at the event, not knowing at all who he was… a truly down-to-earth and inspiring individual in his commitment to helping others heal. Dan & I joked that we wished we could have taken him home with us. ;)”
– Melody at MAPS Conference in December 2011

“I look forward to this hour every 2 weeks because it is personal, informative, stimulating and of the highest quality.” – D. Salant

“Your program is a great service to all!!” – G. McHugh

“Hi, Richard. Another excellent program. We caught the last ten minutes on air, will listen on line when the program is posted. We just learned of this toxic mix that the psychiatrist in Florida has prescribed for Maria Teresa’s sister, and will now lobby for her getting some balancing advice that will hopefully allow her to get on a safer program in time. Thanks for doing this.” – M. St. John

“Hi Richard, Good program today with Dr. Whitaker, thank you! ” – C. Matson

Dear Mr. Coate and Ms. Aigner,

“I want to thank you for having the wisdom and foresight for having Dr. Miller’s Mind, Body, Health and Politics show on your station. His show today with investigative reporter Robert Whitaker talking about “Anatomy of an Epidemic” and the show on November 19 with Dr. Dave Nichols, Indiana University presenting his research on LSD effects on the brain were outstanding. It isn’t often you get to hear truly groundbreaking work and thinking presented on areas of vital importance. Dr. Miller is obviously well prepared for the interviews and has the mental horsepower to intelligently interview high powered guests, summarizing for a lay audience as the interview proceeds. Thank you and keep it up. This was Pulitzer prize stuff.”


Larry R. Wagner
Fort Bragg, CA